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2013 Screenplay Finalists



Divorced at 24 by Kate Wood - Charlotte Baxter, a young woman who has spent her entire life preparing to be a housewife, decides to leave her husband and find happiness without a plan.

The Wannabe: Cheer
by E. M. Spairow - One extremely unlucky and desperately awkward teen attempts to find her place in a Middle American suburban hell.

by Irene Merrow - Unable to pay her tuition bills, Maggie Grennan resorts to working as a housekeeper at Inn Paradise, where she discovers a world that is surprisingly crazier than any college campus.

I Got This
by Destri Martino - An early morning phone call from his girlfriend rockets nervous sixteen-year-old Jake Jacobsen into panic mode as he tries to figure out the best way to console her.

Shlomo's Night Out
by Teri Carson - A pesky fetus gets restless in his mother’s womb and gets out for a fun night out in his future home.

Best Served Cold
by Mary Krell-Oishi - A divorcee, ordered to pay alimony to her lazy, lying, cheating ex-husband learns to defuse her increasing anger and start her life over with the help of court ordered anger management and her newfound oddball friends.

Rewriting Matt
by Isabel Stille - When a corporate bombshell grows tired of making excuses to her friends and family about her deadbeat boyfriend, she decides to secretly help him find success by playing to his strengths: sex, drugs and movies.

I Hate People
by Kristi Barnett - The nature of humans is getting him down. Everyone says the way to feel happy is to find good people... yeah right.

Someone Better: Tote Bags
by Becky Feldman - Chelsea meets her new coworkers at - a dating website for “married singles”. However, her coworkers seem to know a little more about Chelsea than she thought.

by Joan Macbeth - When her long-estranged father dies, a busy Manhattan book editor inherits her addled mother and a huge Caddy convertible, with instructions to drive them cross-country to Oregon, while she struggles to meet a looming deadline.

Bridge Club
by Paula Smith - Five middle-aged women meet for a weekly game of cards, but when one of the husbands gets too far out of line, the game changes from weekly cards to weekly murder.




Crazy Diamonds by Ariane von Kamp
The Dryer by Bettina Moss and Mindi White
Holy by Laurie Morel
Friday the 14th by Liz Buda
I Am Fine, Thank You, And You? by Pinwen Lien
Language of Love by Katarzyna Kochany
Male Order Heroine by Isabel Stille
Reality Check by Emma Sauerwein
The Ridgeway Mystery Club by Kay Poiro
Roomies by Arielle Waldman
Shop America by E.M. Spairow
Turnover by Linda Palmer

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