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The Team

Susan diRende Susan di Rende - founder
Susan is a an award-winning writer and director with a background in circus, opera and theater. Before coming to Los Angeles, she ran a weekly cabaret in Seattle for three years and started a women’s theatre company.
Michelle Clay Michelle Clay - executive director
Michelle is a freelance editor and filmmaker from Baltimore, Maryland. She has worked in film and television for over a decade and was an award recipient for screenwriting in the inaugural year of Broad Humor. She has helped with the festival ever since.
Luci Hamilton Luci Hamilton  - production manager
Luci has been a law firm Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer in California and Rio de Janeiro for over 25 years. She is working on a non-fiction book based on her grandmother's life in Brazil at the turn of the 20th Century.
Jenny Hodges Jenny Hodges - venue manager
One of the best stage managers there is, Jenny works where and when she pleases, and, luckily, Broad Humor pleases her. When not managing, she writes, and is currently finishing her book on figure modeling, "Drawing from the Nude."
Donna Wheeler Donna Wheeler - outreach
Donna Wheeler is a globe-trotting, award-winning MFA filmmaker based in Los Angeles who's starting a new film movement.
Janice Kennedy Janice Kennedy - organizational liaison
Janice was a part of the first incarnation of Broad Humor as a theater event of short plays by women. Her play, The Dark, was adapeted into the short film, “Man.Woman.Blackbird.,” which screened at Broad Humor and other festivals around the country.
Kaat Cleenewerck Valerie Scott- public relations consultant
Formerly on staff and Warner Bros. Feature films and television, Valerie has worked putting films, events, award shows, and books on the map.
Janice Kennedy Lucia Ordoñez - Intern
Lucia is a producer and marketer from Seville, Spain. She has just received her certificate in Business & Management from UCLA. A fim enthusiast, her experience as a business woman in consumer goods has given her a fresh point of view.
Kaat Cleenewerck Kaat Cleenewerck - co-founder
Kaat is an experienced producer from Brussels, Belgium, whose work includes projects with TV Brussels before coming to Los Angeles to work for a while. Now back in Belgium, Kaat has coordinated outreach to European female filmmakers for the festival.