Thanks to All for a Great Festival!

The winning movies and screenplays for 2006 are:


Eclectic Comedy: Spit Wars by Ruth Campbell
Farce:  Flipped Out by Ora Munter
Romantic Comedy:  Good Mourning by Marge Piane and Denise Fondo
Satire:  A Brief Affair by Susan Lee Hahn
Screwball Comedy: The Road to Sundance by Michelle Clay


Feature: Garmento by Michele Maher
No-Budget Feature: The Day Arnold Schwarzenegger Kicked My A** by Abner Zurd
Short: Go with the Fro by Marianne Lewis
No-Budget Short: A Day in the Life of a Bathroom Key by Jill Effron
Bust Magazine Award: Fancy by Lorzi Grossman Elberg
Audience Award: Dreammaker by Christina Morales Hemenway

Category-Winning Honorable Mentions

Animation:  A Midsummer Night's Drive by Laura Zelanis
Canine Comedy: Finding Fifi by Mimi Haddon (director) and Gina Gambol (writer)
Extreme Comedy: The Perfect Wife by Julie Pearson
Experimental Comedy: The Rhetorical Ass by Marianne Magne
Macabre Comedy: Take it to the Fridge by Ashleigh Layne
Romantic Comedy: (tie) Breakdown by Sascha Rothchild and
                               Failed Attempts
by Amanda Swelkow
Wacky Comedy: The Accoutrement by Katharyn Grant