Screenplay Lab

All day Saturday, we will be reading from the screenplay finalists in the Studio at the Electric Lodge.  The selections were made by the writers as to which scenes they wanted to hear read aloud by a team of professional actors.  The readings are for the writers, but are open to the public.


The Actors

These actors have volunteered their time to help our writers.  We'd like to thank them and invite you to come hear them work.

Broadsides screenlab actors

The Schedule

2:00-2:20            Dear Eleanor
2:20-2:40            Inbred
2:40-3:00            Marrying James Spader

3:00-3:20            What Makes Her Tic
3:20-3:40            Sixpence Moon
3:40-4:00            The I Hate Superheroes Fan Cllub

4:00-4:10            Diner Short
4:10-4:20            Just One Of The Guys
4:20-4:40            Speed Date
4:40-5:00            The Heart Of The Triangle


6:00-6:20            Queen For A Day   
6:20-6:30            Retribution
6:30-6:50            Horsing Around



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