About Us

Susan di Rende is an independent filmmaker with a background in circus, opera and theater. Before coming to Los Angeles, she ran a weekly cabaret in Seattle for three years and started a women’s theatre company whose inaugural production was a compilation of women’s comedies she titled “Broad Humor.” The event was such a success that when she saw a similar need to raise the profile of women writing and directing comedy in film, she carried the title over to the Festival.

Kaat Cleenewerck is an experienced producer originally from Brussels, Belgium, whose work includes projects with TV Brussels before coming to Los Angeles to work for Cineville International. She co-produced the critically acclaimed documentary Just Another Day in the Homeland that premiered at the 2004 Rotterdam International Film Festival. Her other short and feature film credits include Life on a Leash, The Importance of Blind Dating, Hollywood the Short Way and Carl Colpaert’s award winning film The Affair. Aside from producing, Kaat is also the USA-correspondent for the Belgian monthly film magazine, Film & Televisie, among others.

Debra Miller occasionally works in the film industry. She has been a performance artist and author. Miller performed with the Santa Cruz Bozo Collective, New York’s WOW CAFÉ, SPLITBRITCHES, on Broadway with 2005 TONY Award-winner Bill Irwin’s “Largely New York”, in San Francisco nightclubs, on film (Stolen Moments, Lez B Friends-A Biker Bitch Hate Story, Tattooed Jews), published theater and film reviews, erotic short stories, and written 2 unpublished short films (but who hasn’t, she says).
Miller has worked on numerous GLBT short films and volunteers as a film programmer for OUTFEST and AFI film festivals.