2007 Feature Films


Slippery Slope - written and directed by Sarah Schenck

A young feminist filmmaker who needs cash to take her anti-pornography documentary to Cannes secretly agrees to write and direct a porn film.  Living and working "behing enemy lines" shakes her assumptions, awakens her slumbering sexuality,  and threatens her politically-correct marriage.

Laughing Matters ... More - directed by Andrea Meyerson

This docu-comedy features four of the hottest lesbian stand-up comics working today.  The perfect balance between live performance footage and personal interviews, Laughing Matters ... More! takes comedy seriously as it not only delves into each comic's struggle or lack-thereof with coming out, but also makes us laugh at ourselves, gay or straight.

Shelf Life - written and directed by Tamar Halpern

A free spirit on probation must take and keep a job, and so is placed by her city councilman uncle in a local library branch as a book shelver.  The library is ruled by a former classmate, a descendant of a librarian dynasty who rules the stacks with absolute and vindictive power.  Early on, the two enemies present themselves bedraggled and torn to an unseen arbiter as they try to explain how things went from bad to war.


LEGACY PROGRAM FEATURE FILM (not in competition)

Life on a Leash - written and directed by Susan di Rende

Stella is a neat-freak artist, a smoking, sugar cereal and soft-drink addicted vegan, .a romantic who can't say no to a one-night stand.  A stray dog wanders into Stella's life and turns it upside-down, which in her case is right side up at last. But it takes a few more turns of the wheel before she learns to "let go and let dog."

2006 Feature Films

There can never be enough said of the virtues, dangers, the power of a shared laugh.
~ Françoise Sagan