The Broad Humor Legacy Project

At last year's festival we talked a lot about how to support each other as women in an unsupportive environment. The image we came up with was of all these women building boats in a dry creekbed.  Some boats were small, little more than rafts or canoes.  Others were immense and magnificent, like the Queen Mary.  But all were going nowhere.

Occasionally a flash flood would lift the boats and a few might even make it out to the open sea.  But the rest would find themselves once again low and dry in the muck.  So the challenge is not to help each other build our boats.  The challenge is how to put water into the creekbed. 

The Broad Humor Film Festival is committed to continued support for our women filmmakers and screenwriters.  This year we inaugurated an "instant films" invitational, where past participants were invited to create shorts for the festival following a quirky set of rules.  This year's rules are:

1.  In the film, a rule must be broken.

2. Something must be put into or taken out of a purse or backpack that does not belong in a purse or backpack.

3.  One of the winning words from the National Spelling Bee from the last ten years must be used in the film.

> 1996 vivisepulture
> 1997 euonym
> 1998 chiaroscurist
> 1999 logorrhea
> 2000 demarche
> 2001 succedaneum
> 2002 prospicience
> 2003 pococurante
> 2004 autochthonous
> 2005 appoggiatura

In addition, we plan to show one feature film a year by an alumna.  This year's feature, since none have been finished yet by alums from year one (though at least one has started filming) is the feature film by festival director Susan di Rende, Life on a Leash.

There can never be enough said of the virtues, dangers, the power of a shared laugh.
~ Françoise Sagan