Program #1 - SATURDAY @ 1pm
Shorts on the Dark Side
Comedic shorts that are cynical, bleak, or just have a bad attitude.
Goodnight Vagina by Stacy Sherman
Self Improvement by Karen Ostrovitz
Survival of the Fittest by Daria Price
The Beauty King by Juliah Rueckert
Terminal Vigilantes by Julie Pearson
Transgressions by Valerie Weiss

Program #2 - SATURDAY @ 6:30pm
Just the Facts, Ma'am ...
Documentary shorts that will put a smile on your face.

Polka Time by Lisa Blackstone
Kosher Pickle by Esther Koohan Paik
A Lez in Wonderland by Anna Albelo

Program #3 - SUNDAY @ 2pm
Shorts on the Light Side
Comedic shorts that still believe in hope, love, and stupid boy tricks.

Piece O' Cake by Gretchen Kelbaugh
The Happiest Day of His Life by Ursula Burton
My Father's an Actor by Sara McIntyre
Oh Sweet and Mighty Dream of Freakish Joy by Ashley Slater
I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich by Julia Radochia
Archer House by Dina Gachman
No Buns by Dashiel St. Damien
Someone to Love by Jill Jaress
Piece of Cake by Jennifer West

Legacy Invitational - Sunday @ 4pm
Legacy Shorts
Chiaroscurist by Susan di Rende (demonstrating the rules)
Mrs. Osama Bin Laden's Terror Video by Viji Nathan
Office Party by Donna Wheeler
She Lost Her Marbles by Gia Milani
Untitled by Michelle Clay


2006 Festival Shorts

There can never be enough said of the virtues, dangers, the power of a shared laugh.
~ Françoise Sagan