According to the web, a broad is defined as "a women who packs a mean punch." Broad Humor is for women who pack a mean punch line.

This festival is the first of its kind to put the spotlight on film comedies by women. We have no idea what we would get when we started.  Nobody did.  The view from traditional channels is that women don't make comedies. 

Why the void? Is it lack of encouragement, lack of exposure, lack of market, or lack of talent?  Or are we using the wrong yardstick, measuring lack of nothing in the women's work but rather of vision in the moviemaking world?  The first reason to have this festival is simply to collect what is out there and begin to answer these questions.

The second reason is to give recognition to the women making movies that deserve to be seen but for whom there is no venue. A movie that is finished but never gets a chance to speak to an audience is like a stillbirth.  How can anyone, man or woman, become a master of their craft without the vital dialog with spectators and critics?

The third reason for this festival is to help women build a community.  Joking is not done by the meek. Comedy is not ladylike.  Who knows what will happen when a bunch of funny broads gather in one place.   

The final reason is personal.  I love to laugh.  I am charmed by the absurd.  And it has been women who have mostly made me laugh.  I miss this laughter in the culture at large and  I think everyone is the loser for it.