2008 Broad Humor Film Festival
June 13-15, 2008 in Venice, California

Enjoy screenings, workshops, parties and laughter. 
Gather in our "Inside the Box" Film Lounge.


The Electric Lodge Performing Arts Center
1416 Electric Avenue (directions)
(Parking on the premises)

BROADSIDES Screenplay Lab

Readings from screenplay finalists on Saturday June 14 afternoon from 2-6 pm.  Free for attendees and guests

Broadsides Screenplay Lab

This year's Legacy shorts program - a showcase to promote and support previous festival participants by giving them a dedicated screening.

The rules:          #1 - Must include French language, either real or fake
                        #2 - Must use Pez
                        #3 - Must be under 5 minutes running time



  Learn more about last year's screenings in Rome ...  (more) 

The Broad Humor Film Festival
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Los Angeles, CA 90034

email – info@broadhumor.com