2010 Broad Humor Film Festival Awards

Best Feature
Trippin' by Devi Snively

Best Short
Thank You for Washing by Camille Brown

Best Short Short
Career Virgin by Angela Comer

Audience Award
Action! by Hillary J. Walker

Best No-Budget Film
Casualties by Julianna Eggold

Best Romantic Comedy Screenlplay
Frenching by Marie Rose

Best Character Comedy Screenlplay
Albert Carp by Robyn Jackson

Best Action Comedy
Spy Stuff by Kay Weibel

Best Ensemble Comedy Screenplay
Ratacholo by Teri Carson

Best Comic FantasyScreenplay
Faith's Healing by Valerie Scott

Best Short Screenlplay
Happly Ever After by Kimberly Smith

Best Teleplay
White Trash by Kelly Sarber

Screenplay award categories are somewhat affected by the submissions. One year, we got several satires. Another, none. So we reserve the right to honor the work that is actually being done rather than eliminate those good scripts which may or may not fit our preconceived ideas of comedy genres.

Not all awards will necessarily be given.  The festival reserves the right to withhold or alter the award categories.


We are a grass-roots, niche festival where the big prize is the festival itself. The lack of visibility for women directing and writing humor for the screen corresponds to a lack of support. We started this festival to give moral support and encouragement. It is our hope that financial support and professional opportunity will follow.

That said, we have been thrilled with the willingness of some businesses to give prizes of product to our fledgling festival,and for that we are grateful and encouraged.