The Broad Humor Legacy Project

The Broad Humor Film Festival is committed to continued support for our women filmmakers and screenwriters.



This year's Legacy Invitational for all alumnae has the following rules:

Every year, Broad Humor issues a challenge to all past participants to make a three-minute film with the guarantee that if they stick to the rules, it will get screened. No fees. No other criteria. We want you to keep making movies that move us to laugh. This year's rules are:

1. LOCATION: At least some part of the movie must take place in a bathroom
2. PROP: An egg beater
3. DIALOGUE: There can be no questions asked.
The Legacy Invitational is free to all alumnae and guarantees a screening at the festival. The goal is twofold: to continue our support of women filmmakers beyond the one event and to inspire them to hone their craft.



There can never be enough said of the virtues, dangers, the power of a shared laugh.
~ Françoise Sagan