2010 Broad Humor Film Festival press photos
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The Indian and the Samurai by Shilpi Roy - Sat @ 10am Noche Transfigurada by Alexia Muiños (Spanish with English subtitles) - Feature film -Sat @ 8 pm
Death in Charge by Devi Snively - Fri @8pm Papa Gorilla Banana by Boim Hwang - Fri @ 8pm
Sweet Pickle by Ruth Lawrence - Sat @ 10am Trippin' by Devi Snively - Feature film - Sunday @ 4pm
Me, Myself, and Your Husband by Susan Hippen - Sat @ 10am Crema Suprema by Ellenora Ventura - Sat @ 10am
Thank You For Washing by Camille Brown - Sun @ 1pm Career Virgin by Angie Comer - Fri @ 8pm

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LUCCA, ITALYDonna WheelerFilmmaker Donna Wheeler joined fest director Susan diRende in Lucca, Italy for Broad Humor screenings that were part of Eliotropica's DONNA DISCOVER women's travel weekend in March 2008Maher_diRende_RomeROME, ITALY

Filmmakers at the Arciliuto Theater for the Rome screenings of Broad Humor in 2007. (more about the Broads in Rome here)