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Los Angeles,  April 8, 2010

Five years and we're still laughing!

The 2010 Broad Humor International Film Festival takes place June 11-13, 2010 in Venice, California.

The Broad Humor Film Festival is gearing up for its fifth year of funny films and screenplays, exciting panels, yummy food and the best of company – broads!  For those with comedic works to enter—films, screenplays or teleplays--the regular submissions deadline is April 11, postmarked.

The Broad Humor Film Festival, founded in 2005, supports funny female filmmakers with a variety of events packed into one fun weekend. The Festival is open to submissions by women only, in categories ranging from short films to completed features to documentaries to screenplays.

"I love to laugh, so we look for all different kinds of comedic works," Fest founder and local filmmaker Susan di Rende says. Even if a filmed or written work is not 'strictly a comedy' it is still welcome at the festival as long as it includes a healthy dose of humor. “I also want to help build a community of women filmmakers. Women's laughter is so wonderful and our humor tends to be a different paradigm from men."

Some of the events are typical of film festivals: screenings, discussions, awards and parties. Some of the events are unique to this festival.

In addition to screening the selected films, the Fest organizes readings of scenes from all the finalist screenplays. Through the festival, di Rende says she feels she is helping to level the playing field in a male-dominated industry in Hollywood. "The trigger that got me doing this festival was a Screen Actors Guild comedy screenwriting contest," di Rende explains, "and not one woman made it to the finals."

Another unique aspect of the festival is the The Broad Humor Legacy Project, which is free to all alumnae of the festival. “Once a filmmaker has been a part of our festival, we want to continue to support them in their craft. So we created the Legacy Project to give them a venue to use as their own,” says di Rende.  Any alumna is invited to make a short film that fits that year's 3 rules and is guaranteed a screening during the Legacy Showcase. In addition, a feature film of an alumna is screened to give the work an added boost in the Legacy Feature Program.

Although Broad Humor gives out awards, the focus is on the festival being the prize. “Our main reason for having an awards program is the benefit that winning these awards confers on the filmmakers and their projects, giving their work a greater chance of success in the wider world.”

For more information and to submit, visit The festival events take place at the Electric Lodge in Venice, California.
Tel: (310) 403-2882



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