Our Generous Sponsors

We'd like to thank these businesses for supporting women filmmakers and encourage you to check them and their products out.

  • Abbot 's Pizza: Home of the bagel crust pizza
  • Arbonne Cosmetics
  • Cinelease - Motion picture equipment rentals
  • Eliotropica Travelling - Personal travel planning for Italy and Europe
  • The Footage Firm - Royalty-free footage and effects
  • The Global Beer Network - The leaders in Belgian Beer culture
  • Gorilla Software - Producing software for filmmakers
  • Le Pain Quotidien - Bread that's hearty and wholesome
  • ScriptCopier.com- Scripts copied at 2 cents a page
  • Soaptopia - All natural handmade soaps
  • Whole Foods - Highest quality natural and organic products
  • The Write Brothers - Makers of MovieMagic at screenplay.com
  • Thanks to AND OUR THANKS TO:

  • Kamal Kozah
  • Lizl Pace
  • Joel Shapiro