Calling all fools! for the 6th Annual Broad Humor International Film Festival. We have broadened the rules to include more comedic work by women. Check it out and submit today.

Submission Guidelines

The 2011 Broad Humor Intenational Film Festival accepts submissions from May 21-August 6, 2011. Submitted works must have humor as a major component of the story. Screenplays must have ONLY women as writers. Films must have women as either the writer(s) or director(s) to qualify for the festival. Awards are given to women for their work, and a film written by a woman but directed by a man or team or man and woman will only qualify for a screewriting award. Similarly, if written by a man and directed by a woman, the film can win a directing award and qualify for best film but will not be eligible for a screenplay award.

Categories: Both Film and Screenplay - All projects have feature length and short subject categories.  Sitcom pilots are welcome in the short category.  Web series entries may compile multiple webisodes into a single submission, though we will ask for a streamlined version for screening. If you submit multiple webisodes, please make sure that the credits play only once: opening credits at the top, closing credits at the very end. That way your submission will be counted as one film instead of several.

Film Submissions: ONLINE via is the preferred format for submitting film entries. DVDs in NTSC form are also welcome mailed to Broad Humor. Please preview your DVD before submitting it to make sure it plays correctly.

Screenplay Submissions: Digital script submissions in .pdf format are encouraged though we do accept submissions in a hard copy in standard industry format, three hole punch fastened with brads. You may provide your electronic copy via or by emailing it to broadhumorfilmfest AT mac DOT com.

No Budget Competition: Films that meet the following requirements will also be considered for our “no budget” film competition:

  • No Budget shorts: budget under $750
  • No Budget features: budget under $10,000

“Budget” here is understood to be the hard cash the filmmaker shelled out to actually make the film. This could be tapes, food and gas for crew, or any expendables. This DOES NOT include any investment in equipment, hardware or software programs bought along the way that be used to make other films.

Legacy Shorts: This category is only open to alumnae of the festival. There is no fee. Your film must follow the rules listed on the home page or here. Please send a film with the application form by September 1, 2011.


  1. All entries must complete a submission form by downloading and printing a hard copy from the Broad Humor Film Festival website or by processing their submission via the submission system.
  2. All entries must include the following supporting materials on a CD or in some other digital format: a 30-word summary of the film or script for the program; for films, at least one (1) color production still for film submissions. Feature films must also provide poster art. A second black-and-white production still is encouraged. Photos should have a resolution of 300dpi.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure all the file names on your disc begin with the same keyword, preferably from the title of your submission. Simply saying "production photo" risks having your photo lost or placed in another project file. Put the same keyword title on everything, especially everything digital.

Payment: Entries may pay through the system, or using the PayPal link on the website or by including a check or money order for the appropriate entry fee amount in US$ which is non-refundable, payable to: BROAD HUMOR FILM FESTIVAL.

Mailing address: The Broad Humor Film Festival, 9854 National Blvd., #166, Los Angeles, CA 90034.

Submitted materials will not be returned.  Any questions should be directed to

DOWNLOAD HARD COPY: You can download and mail a completed submission packet here to the Festival and to pay the submission fee via PayPal by clicking the Donate button below: