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The advice was always the same: "If you'd stick to one thing, you'd be a success." It took to my 40's for the stubborn willfulness that allowed me to ignore the advice and follow my creative impulses wherever they led to start to pay off. My first big acknowledgment was when I was sought as a teacher for a summer program I had worked on years before in Madison, WI, offering travel expenses and lodging. Apparently, they'd been hiring 3 people to do what I had done with drama students in movement, acting, and vocal work, and none had succeeded as well as I had with the students despite being college faculty working in their areas of expertise.

More indications encouraged me. I directed the staging of a few small operas and had more than one world-class musician comment that my innovative staging of Anne Sexton's Tranformations surpassed the Lincoln Center version and would have made me a career if it had played somewhere like New York. Reviewer praise opined that I was a writer first and foremost, or a performer first, or a director. A humorous column in a local monthly paper received more mail than any other for the publication. I started a theater company, and a film festival. My friends and associates got used to hearing, "I have this idea..."

Work came to me without really needing to look for it. I was invited to host comedy shows. I designed sets and costumes, had paintings commissioned. I was invited to run festivals and showcases. I became the kind of person others approached if they wanted something novel and interdisciplinary but weren't sure how to go about it or even if it was possible.

It has become clear that the seemingly random impulses of creative inspiration in my life were all interconnected, and that each fed the other. It made for a slower, long-tail investment of time and energy in becoming an artist of creative inspiration, but now I can say with assurance that for any endeavor with a set of resources and a timeline, I can deliver results beyond anyone's expectation.

In tandem with my creative pursuits, I have spent my life teaching both arts and language in preschool through graduate level classes. I have received a number of teaching awards and feel that my success in the classroom is due to my belief that curriculum-generated skills outcomes are the means and not the end of teaching. My true goal is to teach students to follow their natural curiosity and help them find the keys to unlocking the innate genii that live within them. Once that happens, I get out of the way as much as possible, supporting and encouraging them to grow as lifelong learners of whatever interest and hope draws them forward.


Right now I live in LA, working solo and in several partnerships for a half-dozen ongoing projects. I also work with a team of fantastic women on the Broad Humor Film Festival, a yearly event celebrating funny films by women that I started 9 years ago and which has recently been named one of the 5 "coolest" women's film festivals in the world by MovieMaker Magazine.

Oh, and the advice to stick to one thing? Don't get that anymore.


I'm closing down my LA life and planning to head to Europe in the next year for an extended stay. I'm moving in a new creative direction, less linear and more emblematic. The possibilities for transmedia, cross-genre work are calling me to expand my idea of story and message, and while I don't know where it will land me, I'm looking to make the leap.