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Under the Village Tree UVT on Amazon

Every village in Korea has a Village Tree. Every tree has a story. This beautifully drawn book features illustrations based on actual Village Trees in Korea and follows the progression of months and village life through the year.

Hangeul Hangeul on Amazon A unique introduction to the Korean writing system called, Hangeul. Korean Hangeul is very simple, but it contains a complex and systematic rationale for every stroke. This book both teaches how to read and write Hangeul, and introduces the deep philosophical ideas embedded within it. In addition, the book presents sidebars that give you widows into unique aspects of Korean culture.
AC101-Korean version American College 101 (Korean Version) teaches students how to get the most out of their college or university experience by giving help and insight into four areas: the mindset of academia, the culture of the college classroom, general language usage for school, and the three pillars of academic discourse, namely reading, writing, and debate.
Parts of Speech-Korean version

The Parts of Speech (Korean Version) takes a different route from most language workbooks in teaching English as a second language. Instead of starting with simple sentences, this book begins with interjections, single words of phrases that express whole ideas. Each subsequent part of speech is introduced with the goal of communicating fully, even without full sentence structure, using the whole brain and feeling the language rather than stringing it together like a math equation. Ambiguity, humor, and poetry are all possible from day one in this approach to learning English.